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Annual Planning

The most comprehensive analysis, utilizing cutting edge technology that we offer! We will begin by conducting an interview to gain a greater understanding of who YOU are, and what is important to YOU. With this in mind, we will formulate a plan, addressing the areas that are of greatest concern to you (Learn more.). Once you agree with the recommendations made, we will begin implementing the plan like a puzzle: piece by piece. We will meet with you throughout the process (typically 2 to 4 times the first year, and at minimum semi-annually thereafter), and coordinate with your accountant and attorney, as needed. This does not end with the implementation of the plan, as the best way to ensure success is through constant monitoring.

There is a flat fee associated with this service and is determined by each case’s complexity.

Hourly Consulting

This option is best for those who have a single concern (Learn more.). We charge you an hourly fee to devise a plan related to your specific area of focus. There are two meetings minimum associated with this service.

Asset Management

Planning isn’t for everybody, and for those who do not want to address specific areas of concern we offer access to our asset management service. For a set percentage, we will develop a portfolio and meet with you at minimum once per year to discuss your portfolio and make investment recommendations.

Single Product Purchase/Transactional

As the title states, this is for clients who wish to purchase a stock, a mutual fund, or insurance product and have no desire to consult on any other areas of concern. Simply put we will acquire the desired product, help you implement it, and go on our way. There is the initial meeting for this service, followed by an annual maintenance call.

Guided Wealth Portfolios

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