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Special Needs Planning

If you have ever dealt with Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, you know how frustrating these agencies can be on a good day! Through the proper planning, and coordination with your accountant and estate planning attorney, we will develop a plan that is designed to help you maintain your loved one’s ability to receive federal aid, while maintaining the standard of living YOU want for them.

Estate Planning

YOU and YOUR family work hard for your wealth and our job is to help you keep as much of that wealth as possible! Through proper planning, we will work with your estate planning attorney and accountant to help devise a strategy designed to maximize your ability to leave a legacy to loved ones, or a favorite institution or charity.

Retirement Planning

This is quite simply the million dollar question: How much do I need to maintain my standard of living? Through a series of calculations, we can help you answer this question and provide you guidance that will help anticipate threats such as ever changing tax rates, higher inflation, and increasing health care costs.

Income Planning

Once you are retired your focus shifts towards income generation. Now more than ever it is imperative that you have a well-diversified portfolio that considers all products available to help create your income stream. While maximization of income is essential, we also help guide you to prepare your income ‘machine’, for the reality of increased inflation, taxes, and health care costs. Additionally, we will coordinate with your accountant to help develop a proper withholding strategy for your taxes.

Insurance Planning

With being an independent firm, we have the unique ability to provide objective advice around all insurances (life, disability, long-term care, and health). We will discuss your goals with you; identify strengths and weaknesses (YES, you can have too much insurance!), and provide you the best options available through the insurance carriers and providers we use.

Investment Planning

Based on YOUR risk tolerance and goals we will provide you specific recommendations centered around: stocks, exchange traded funds (E.T.F.’s), mutual funds, and variable insurance products. LPL Financial, our broker-dealer, has NO investment banking division, NO mutual fund company, and NO insurance company, ensuring you are receiving independent and objective advice!

Education Planning

In this day, it is absolutely crazy that the government, colleges, and universities will penalize parents for saving for their child’s education. We work with our clients to develop a strategic plan that provides not only tax efficiency and flexibility, but maximizes their family’s ability to receive financial aid.

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